Creation and Assembly

Creation and assembly of bicycles (OEM)

Avantisbike has a complete automated assembly line that allows production of 500 bicycles/day.

The pneumatic equipments are regularly calibrated to ensure the safety and quality in the torque of the assembled parts and accessories. The assembly is done strictly with the technical specification sheets for each customer.

In accordance with customer needs, we have different collaborative projects that will allow us to find the best solution for each case.

All of these steps allow us to carry out projects with the client from the start with the parameters of quality, service and guaranteed shipment date.

Surface Treatment and Painting

Avantisbike offers surface treatment and painting for the bicycle and motorcycle industry (OEM)

Avantisbike has its own electrostatic liquid painting and powder lines with pretreatment and phosphating tunnel. The new facility allows us to paint with a rapid, efficient and competitive customer service.

The paints used are of top quality certified by the automobile industry, we have a 12,000 color chart to deliver customized service and exclusivity in a record time.

The experience of our staff and equipments allow us to paint steel, aluminum and carbon fiber frames.

The decorations are applied in our sticker line with different materials: PVC over clear coating, vinyl HRCS-P and water tranfer decals under clear coating - all with excellent quality finishes. The clear coating may be in powder and liquid according to the maximum demand for quality in each case.